Prime Physical Therapy Network

About Prime Physical Therapy Network

Prime Physical Therapy Network was created in 2014 as an answer to the dramatic changes brought to California by bill SB 863. Our founder’s vision was to create a network that would serve Southern California with swift scheduling and communication of rehabilitation results combined with exceptional return-to-work focus.

About Prime Physical Therapy Network

After over ten years of experience in the industry, our CEO built Prime Physical Therapy Network from the ground up. Our network takes the hassle out of workers' compensation & personal injury, managing the case through its entirety. Prime's services include but are not limited to calling and requesting for authorization, scheduling the patient at one of our many locations, medical billing and insurance status follow up.

With our founder’s sales background came an understanding of the importance of ensuring referring providers' transparency throughout each claim. Weekly Pending Patient Reports are sent out to each office, as well as a confirmation letter upon successful scheduling for workers' comp & personal injury.

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Prime Physical Therapy Network provides effective and innovative concierge services.

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