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Aquatic Pool Therapy

Aquatic therapy, also referred to as pool therapy can be beneficial when recovering from a variety of injuries, surgeries, or physical conditions. Aquatic therapy  a method of physical therapy that is done in a pool or aquatic setting.  Pool therapy combines different techniques to improve the well being of every patient. Our therapists will often use aquatic therapy in addition to traditional therapy methods depending on a patients’ needs and treatment plan.

Aquatic therapy can be useful in all capacities. However, there are certain areas in which this method has been shown to help immensely. Aquatic therapy has been proven to improve the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Coordination and balance
  • Aerobic capacity
  • Mobility/functionality
  • Pain management
  • Relaxation
Aquatic Therapy

When immersed in water, pressure is relieved because the body becomes more buoyant. This can alleviate stress from the joints and allow for more movement. Warm water is often used to soothe aching muscles and joints. While water's viscosity is used to strengthen muscles gently. Aquatic therapy can be beneficial for multiple diagnoses. Below outlines who might be able to benefit from aquatic therapy:

  • Patients who are recovering from surgery
  • Patients who are unable to participate in high impact activities but need to improve mobility
  • Patients who are experiencing back pain and cannot tolerate standing or walking
  • Athletes who need to train in a more controlled environment due to a previous injury
  • Patients who are entering old age

Our aquatic therapy facility is equipped with railings and trained professionals in order to ensure the safety of our patients. Our therapists are experienced in assisting with recovery and will guarantee that you are comfortable and cared for. Our facilities include railings for patients to stay balanced and secure, as well as trained aquatic therapists.

Aquatic therapy is especially useful for athletes because it can offer exercise that is low impact, yet challenging. Through water therapy, athletes can undergo a more intense workout without imposing risks of injury or soreness. This is beneficial for athletes who are recovering from injury, as well as athletes who are trying to avoid a future injury.

Pool therapy can also be used in preparation for land-based physical therapy. When patients become comfortable with movement in water, they will feel safer and more equipped for traditional methods of physical therapy.

For more information regarding aquatic physical therapy contact us today. Our network providers are able to tailor physical therapy programs specifically to your own goals.

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