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About Physical Therapy

At Prime Physical Therapy our professionals are experienced and trained to detect changes and abnormalities in the body’s biomechanics. The physicians in our network utilize traditional forms of physical therapy, also known as land based therapy while also incorporating the latest research and alternative methods of physical therapy. Every treatment plan is different and based on the needs of individual patients.

Our physical therapists tailor treatment plans to alleviate the symptoms of our patients based on an assessment with our network providers. Our physical therapists are trained to eliminate stress in the body and ease pain.

About Physical Therapy

There are many reasons that physical therapy may be needed. Physical therapy is beneficial for pain management, increased mobility, recovery from an injury, recovery from stroke or paralysis, age-related issues, and many other reasons.

Physical therapy can assist with pain management through a variety of different exercises, stretching, training, and massage techniques. Our physical therapists are knowledgeable, which leaves our patients feeling safe while recovering quickly.

In addition to pain management, our physical therapists also help patients recover from injury. Sports injuries are common and often require rehabilitation. Our team of physical therapists are trained to help patients recover from sports injury. They will use a combination of techniques to strengthen the area. Our goal is to solve the problem and prevent permanent damage from occurring. Our providers will evaluate the area daily and formulate a treatment plan that works for you and your unique recovery goals.

Often times physical therapy is needed after surgery. Post surgery physical therapy is an area that our physical therapists are experienced in. If this is your reasoning for receiving physical therapy, our team will use their knowledge and experience to help you recover quickly and comfortably. Our providers are mindful of patient’s limitations and will accommodate those limitations accordingly.

Strokes are the leading cause for long-term adult disabilities. After a stroke, there is a disconnect between your brain and your muscles. Physical therapy can help patients gain control and mobility after a stroke, while also making sure permanent damage does not occur. Our therapists will work with patients to stimulate muscles that they have less control over. Muscle stimulation will also help with circulation and repair stiffness in the body. If you are recovering from a stroke, our network providers will customize a plan that works for you after a thorough examination.

When everyone reaches a certain age it can come with decreased mobility and stiffness. Physical therapy is a way to increase flexibility, coordination, manage stiffness, and maintain a healthy body. Our physical therapists are trained in working with senior patients and will formulate a plan to restore physical functions in patients and make life easier all around.

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